Sr. No Category Work Details Probable date of completion Area/Beneficiaries
1 Landscaping/Parks Providing Earth filling and Greenary to park at Telukulacheruvu. 30/12/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Population
2 Roads Providing to B.T. Surface to Padmavathi Nagar Main road and cross roads in 10th division. 30/04/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 10 Population
3 Drains Construction of out fall drain from V.L.Puram junction to Satyanarayanapuram. 14/07/2015 Rajamahendravaram Population
4 Roads Formation of B.T. Road to Gayathri nagar cross roads in 10th division. 30/01/2016 Rajamahendravram/Ward 10 Population
5 Landscaping/Parks Providing walking track and greenary to park no-1 at All Bank Colony in the 10th division. 15/01/2016 Rajamahendravaram//Ward 10 Population
6 Compound Wall Construction of Compound wall to Community Hall at Sri Nagar in 10th division. 15/02/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 10 Population
7 Drains/Maintenance Providing RC Cover slabs on storm water drain from LBSR to Anjaneya Swamy Temple along GNT road south side 30/12/2015 Rajamahendravaram Population
8 Roads/Maintenance Maintenance and repairs to B.T. Road in vidyuth Colony for 1st and cross roads in 9th Division. 30/01/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 9 Population
9 Roads Providing SDBC Road to Koka Bhaskarnagar , Srinivas nagar and Venkateswara nagar in 9th division 31/03/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 9 Population
10 Roads/Footpath Development of Footpath in J.N road Opp A.K.C College in 9th division. 30/01/2016 Rajamahendravram/Ward 9 Population
11 Buildings construction of Sanitary Mastar office building in Venkateswara nagar in 9th division. 30/03/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 9 Population
12 Roads/Maintenance Maintenance and repairs to Vidhuyt Colony 3rd cross road with hot mix process in 9th division. 30/03/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 9 Population
13 Roads/Footpath Development of footpath from Ramalayam junction to NH-16 at Jawaharlal Nehru road (North side) . 06/04/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Population
14 Roads Providing BT surface to Valgelia Marg road in 9th division. 22/12/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 9 Population
15 Roads/Footpath Development of Footpaths in A.V.Apparao Road from Syamala Nagar Ramalayam junction to Dolphin Hotel junction Norh side in 8th division of Municipal Corporation Rajahmundry. 15/02/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 8 Population
16 Landscaping/Parks Providing G.I sheet around roofing in Danavaipeta Gandhi Park in 8th Division. 30/01/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 8 Population
17 Drains/Maintenance Maintenance and repairs to Drains and Culverts in Danavaipeta in Parakash Nagar in 8th Division. 08/04/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 8 Population
18 Buildings Supply and Installlation of electro mechinacial equipment , construction of plant room and toilets dress changing rooms for swimming pool in danavaipeta in 8th division. 31/03/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 8 Population
19 Landscaping/Parks Providing 175mm size power bore to Danavaipeta Gandhi Park in 8th division. 30/01/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 8 Population
20 Compound Wall Raising of Compound wall and toilets to Swimming pool in Danavaipeta in 8th Division. 25/04/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 8 Population
21 Roads Providing CC Roads to Prakash Nagar longitudinal roads and Internal Roads in 8th division 11/04/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 8 Population
22 Roads/Maintenance Maintenance and repairs to Danavaipeta internal roads in 7th division with B.T Hot Mix Process 31/01/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 7 Population
23 Drains Construction of 450mm size CC Drain & 600mm size CC Culverts from Devanga Community hall to Jampeta Main Culvert via By-Pass road in 6th division. 30/12/2015 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 6 Population
24 Compound Wall Maintenance and repairs to Copmound wall and footpath for Kambala tank park in 5th division. 30/01/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 5 Population
25 Roads/Maintenance Widening and improvement of Ganesh nagar main road from GNT road to Regional board of intermediate office in 5th division. 31/03/2016 Rajamahendravaram/Ward 5 Population